Aloe Vera Purifying Toning Lotion 150ml – CODE 1002


Tonic lotion rich in antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients that helps to regulate greasy and sebum without dehydrating while maintaining the skin fresh, healthy and matte

Aloe Vera, soothes the skin, making it smoother

It can heal wounds or scars due to the anti-inflammatory properties contained in the aloe gel, acting as a natural antiseptic

Green tea is beneficial to the skin, antioxidant, antiseptic and has anti-aging properties. Reduces irritations and redness of the skin.

Rosewater is used for both prevention and treatment of acne.

It can be used for deep cleansing of the skin and “open” the blocked pores of the epidermis due of its antibacterial properties. This prevents acne and pimples.

Reduces redness and redness of the skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike other products, rose water leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

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